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Spotlight Strain | RH Mango Haze

RH Mango Haze is a high CBD strain released by CBD Crew in 2013. A 90% Sativa/ 10% Indica blend, Mango Haze is…
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Spotlight Strain | Iceberry

Iceberry is a balanced hybrid that checks all the boxes. 60% indica/40% sativa blend, Iceberry is the genetic offspring of ICE and Blueberry.…
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Spotlight Strain | Super Premium Electric Kush

What do you get when you mix Green Crack and Haze? The answer is something truly Electric! Here comes the all new Electric…
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The Effects of Medical Cannabis on Productivity

It isn’t a secret that cannabis has numerous medical benefits, but despite the strides it’s made in the past few years, there still…
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Selecting the Right Medical Marijuana Strain for You

You’ve made the decision to use medical marijuana – congrats! The next step in the process can be daunting to patients who are…
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Indica? Sativa? Both? Which do you prefer?

What is the difference between indica and sativa? This is often one of the first questions that we hear from new patients. Scientifically…
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