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Canada Announces Timeline For Marijuana Legalization on 4/20

Happy 4/20, everyone! What better way to celebrate today than to revel in the news from the Ministry of Health: legalization of marijuana…
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Medical Marijuana in Canada | FAQ

With so much information circulating online, it can be tough to pinpoint the facts regarding medical marijuana. We’ve complied the answers to some…
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Changes in the Law Regarding Medical Marijuana Edibles

The medical marijuana industry is still in its infancy in Canada and the rules and regulations surrounding the industry are continually changing. We’ve…
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VICE Goes Inside Canada’s New Corporate Weed System

CANADIAN CANNABIS In this episode of Canadian Cannabis, Damian visits two gigantic weed factories in Ontario to check out what kind of bud…
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Med Pot Now Launches new Website for Mail Order Medical Marijuana

Med Pot Now launches a new website offering multiple medical marijuana products available by mail. The Med Pot Now Society has announced the…
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