Pick Up Orders

Vancouver Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Place your pick-up order by following steps below. There are two different ways of ordering medical marijuana for pick-up from Med Pot Now. You can place your order online or by phone.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must be a member with our society prior to placing any orders, online or in person. Med Pot Now Society reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the use of our order system for any conduct we feel violates our policies.


Placing a Pick Up Order:


  1. You can place orders online by clicking on the MENU & ORDERS link at the top of the page and clicking the “Place Order” link.
  2. Once at the order page you can login with your Membership ID Number, which can be found, on your Member Card.
  3. After you are logged in you can proceed to add items to your order. If you make a mistake, just click the red X next to the item on your order list to remove it.
  4. Before finishing your order please type “Pick Up Order” and the form of payment you would like to use into the note / special instructions box at the bottom of the your order list. Currently we can only accept Email Money Transfers.
  5. Once you are happy with your order please click Finish to submit it.
  6. Our bud tenders will then call you to confirm your order and process your payment.


by Telephone

  1. You can place orders over the phone by calling 604-569-2119 and informing the receptionist that you would like to place a Pick Up Order.
  2. If a bud tender is not available then your will be contacted once one does become available.
  3. Our bud tenders will then confirm your order and process your payment.

Shipping & Handling

Forms of Payment: Email Money Transfer.