Marijuana Mail Order

Canadian Medical Marijuana Mail Orders

Learn how to mail order medical marijuana from the Med Pot Now Society. There are two different ways of mail ordering medical marijuana from Med Pot Now. You can place your order online or by phone.

(Forms can be found by clicking the links below)

In order to receive our services, applicants must:

  1. Print and complete the following forms
    1. Application for Registration (Form A)(Instruction Sheet Included)
    2. Medical Document (Original copy required for membership) – To be completed by your health care practitioner

Optional Forms

    1. Letter to Doctor – You can give this to your doctor with your form.
    2. Health Canada Release Form for Medical Practitioners – If needed, this is a form from Health Canada which reduces your doctor’s liability in regards to your use of medicinal marijuana.
    3. Medical Information Release Form – If needed, this form empowers your health care provider to send us your confirmation of diagnosis.


Mail Order Applicants (Additional Information & Requirements)

  1. Provide a legible copy of government issued photo ID
  2. Send a copy of your forms and ID by Fax or Email to 855-373-3420 or
  3. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing once we receive your application.




When you first become a member we will determine a maximum daily limit for your purchases. The standard daily limit is 5g of cannabis.

MMAR license holders with a higher daily limit will be accommodated. We will only sell a maximum of two weeks supply at one time.