Now In-Store: JuJu Joints

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We are the first retailer in BC to carry them! JuJu Joints are pioneers in cutting edge methods of cannabis consumption, their goal is to reduce the hassle and mess of medicating, while maintaining the quality of the cannabis experience.
The JuJu Joint is a disposable vaporizer that contains a C02 extracted concentrate oil. It is small yet sturdy, and super portable. It has a sleek profile and a very discreet odour when vapourized. It is conveniently pre charged with the concentrate and needs no reloading or recharging, simply use and then dispose when finished!

Recommended 1-3 four second puffs to begin, each pen is good for approximately 150 puffs. The vapour is smooth, no harsh smoke, and has a great flavour! We are currently carrying Grand Daddy Purple (indica), White Widow (high CBD) and Master Sensi (hybrid).


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