Season of Giving

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A couple of weeks ago, William Milano from the National Tour for Cancer, approached us and asked to donate to cancer patients in need of financial assistance for their medication. Each day, we meet and deal with patients who have finally found relief with medical marijuana but the costs can be quite prohibitive, particularly around the holiday season. We were so touched by this donation, that we decided match their donation to help out three cancer patients with the most need who will benefit from this generous donation.

The National Tour for Cancer is an organization that raises money to help cancer patients purchase medical marijuana to help treat their illness. The NTC realizes the stress factors which finances can be on a person who is going through treatment and in most cases increases illness via stress. This includes covering the costs of Cannabis!

The NTC was Founded by William (Will) Milano, engineer and fronts Canadian cult rock band THE S.I.N. Will is a longtime medicinal cannabis activist who followed in the footsteps of legends/heroes such as Marc Emery and Rick Simpson. Will is constantly inspired by those who stand up for their cannabis rights.

In 2012, members of THE S.I.N. began to use their success to play several cancer charity shows for the larger cancer organizations. William began to have a concern; where is all the money going? How do we make sure 100% gets to the people? And the National Tour for Cancer was born with a rock tour across Canada to raise money for the cause including partial door costs as well as 100% draw monies for guitar and music gear giveaways per show…and the money going directly to the people.


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